Questions for Ahanix X195 (Black Knight) case owners!

Enclosures and acoustic damping to help quiet them.

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Questions for Ahanix X195 (Black Knight) case owners!

Post by ecsdude » Sun Apr 18, 2004 1:33 am

Could you guys share your experiences with this case in the following areas?:

1. how sturdy is the front bezel? from what I read it's supposed to be
plastic, and the hinges are reinforced plastic. just wondering if the
door is as flimsy as the Antec 3700BQE case or sturdier. Also, how
much noise does the door make when moving it?

2. i've not seen shots of the front intake grill to get an idea of how
restricted it seems to be, according to the review/owner comments
i've seen so far. someone suggested that raising the case bottom
can improve airflow. I'm assuming they are talking about letting air
go up from the intake at the bottom of the case? or the front intake
below the front bezel?

3. do you think this case will fit E-ATX motherboards?

4. is that rectangular logo on top of the front door panel removable?

5. how's the noise of your case without mods like cutting the fan grills.
and have any of you modded the case to remove the grills and have

6. did yours shipped double-boxed?

7. on newegg a reviewer mentioned a friend who ordered one later
than he did received one with brass standoffs that screw on, like
the ones that come with Antec 3700 cases, rather than the silver
ones that sort of clip on. Just wondering how many of you got

Also curious how the cooling and build quality of this case is compared to the Evercase 4252 which received high ratings for cooling and airflow, and so-so ratings for build quality.

thanks in advance.

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Post by Bluefront » Sun Apr 18, 2004 2:01 am

Here's the write-up on my Black Knight. In the picture album you can see most of the views of the thing.

I've built two computers with this case. It does need a modified intake for maximum airflow. The two I built are raised about 3" with castors, using a bottom vent hole. The one in the album has acoustic padding all over....and it's very quiet. The other one was not padded very much, and was still pretty quiet.

The door is not flimsy....maybe the best door in the industry. The rack and pinion hinge mechanism is noisy when new, but gets quieter with use and some silicone lube.

I never looked into removing the logo. My case has little clips for the MB. The cases came double boxed in perfect condition. I like this case very much. It is unique in many ways....

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