Is mastic ok for decoupling

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Is mastic ok for decoupling

Post by Jester » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:25 am

Hi first I'd like to say thanks for all the great info and safe attitudes on this site :D

You've inspired me to pull my supermicro server case to pieces and rebuild it

First step is to cut away excess metal and decouple fans psu and case from the ground.

I've added rings around the feet witch work well.

Would it be safe to simply stick the fans to the case using mastic

Is it safe top make a bed for the power supply (2 strips) to sit on or will it melt :?:

Thanks again for a great forum

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Post by cAPSLOCK » Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:04 pm

I'm supposing what you're talking about it what I would call building silicone...

It works good for decoupling as long as you get enough thickness of it (remember it compresses). Note that if you stick a fan to your case with it, you'll have a hard time getting it off intact (I stuck a heatsink to my harddrive with it and never got it off). The problem with sticking a fan on the case, is that to stick it on, you can't use a very thick layer of silicone, but you need the thick layer for maximum decoupling, depending on your fan (a thin layer already makes a huge difference to hard mounting though). Another method is letting it dry before putting the fan on it (like you are planning with your PSU). As far as temperature resistance goes, look on the tube, mine says it's fine up to 150°C.

Have fun putting the stuff everywhere like I have :lol:

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