Antec 900 case?

Enclosures and acoustic damping to help quiet them.

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Antec 900 case?

Post by NapalmDeath » Sun Jan 07, 2007 2:26 pm

I did a search and didnt find any discussion on the Antec 900 case (rev2 with the rear slot fix).

I would think this mid tower case would appeal to SPCR's with it's 200mm top fan, and 2 fron 120mm, and 1 rear 120mm that could all be undervolted for huge airflow yet quiet?

I'm currently using a Silverstone SGO-1 SFF, with an NT06 passive on cpu, VF-900 on video, and an 80mm yate loon over HD, all undervolted. Also modified my Enermax 500 with a nexus 120mm fan to rpm 500-900 based on temp.

I recently jumped from an AMD3200 to an Opteron 175 (2.2Ghz OC'd to 2.5Ghz) dual core, and temps are up to 45-46C under load. I want to put the case into my side cabinet built into my desk, and don't think the cooling would work in the SG-01.

Enter the Antec 900, mid tower, with lots of airflow.
Tempted to move all of my parts over (microATX) and with the rear 120mm fan right behind the cpu slot, I believe my NT06 will continue to work? Also putting the PSU on bottom, I doubt the fan would spin up much pushing out cold air.

Anyone been setting up an Antec 900 lately, and using a passive heatsink, or comments on undervolting of the fan positions?


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Post by paulesko » Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:47 pm

It´s got a really good airflow, BUT its not silent or quiet in any way. top vent makes a noise like click-click-click.

You can rrefrigerate a hole undervolted computer with that vent only, but it´s noisier than two nexus at 7v and one important thing. Hard disk is mounted without silicon grommets, just metal with metal, and my raptor wasn´t quiet anymore, that noise was really annoying the hole case was an amplifier for seeks, I tried to suspend it, but nothing like p180´s system, believe me, the fron is too open to keep idle noise down...

here you have a link, were I explain things about this case, it´s in spanish, but at least fotographs can help you.

by the way, a tower heatsink like ultra 120 is not compatible with the lateral vent, if you put an ultra 120 you can´t use that hole to put a vent in the side. ... hlight=900

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Post by NapalmDeath » Sun Jan 07, 2007 4:20 pm

Thanks for the info !

Reading further it looks like the P180 may be more to my liking.
The 900 seems to be the flashy forced air behemouth.

Although the SG-01 has half of both sides punched full of vent holes, so I'm accustomed to the noise of air flow, but only a subtle wooshing.

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Post by PissAnt » Thu Jan 11, 2007 9:53 am

In fairness you can make this quite quiet with the addition of a fan controller that allows you to turn off some of the Fans.

I built my system into this case recently and have all 5 120mm slots filled (3 x Zaward Golf, 2 x Antec Tri-Cool) and controlled by a Zalman ZM-MFC1. I connected the 200mm and the interior 120mm to the 12v/5v/Off switches and the rest to the standard 7x-12v Fan controllers.

When the 200mm and All the fans are turned to high it sounds crazy but the Case is 12degees C cooler than my previous case (Tsunami) and suits me fine while gaming. When everything is turned down and 2 of the fans turned off its as quiet a case as I've ever had. Its not quite silent, theres still a slight hum from the PC but its as good as inaudible at the distance I sleep from it. Its also 5 degrees cooler than the previous case even with everything running at 7v or turned off.

Another thing I'd recommend to anyone buying this is to cut holes to run cables behind the motherboard tray as without it theres very little space to play with otherwise.

I'm thinking of running a new C2D system passively in this case and am just waiting to see if there'll possibly be passive DX10 cards available any time soon. As the main sources of my noise are certainly the CPU (AC Freezer 64 Pro) and GFX (AC NV5) fans I reckon this will be as quiet a case as I'll ever need and easily the best compromise for my needs.

I know this isnt a case that will suit everyone but it can definitely be made to run quietly aswell as pumping through massive amounts of air without too much hastle.

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