What is the second best quiet case behind the Solo?

Enclosures and acoustic damping to help quiet them.

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What is the second best quiet case behind the Solo?

Post by jtcb » Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:34 am

I want to want the Solo for my 17 build. The problem is I find it to be a bit small and the lack of 120mm fan at the front. Two 92mm front and one 120 rear plus 120mm PSU mean more air out than in. I prefer positive than negative pressure. I can go fanless at the front. It wouldn't be a problem in winter. Summer gets really hot here in Vancouver.

So I am looking for a case that is next best if not better than the Solo. Any suggestion? SPCR doesn't have an official case ranking, does it?

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Post by cb95014 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:11 pm

P183, if the door or chrome-ringed holes on the door do not bother you. These are the only significant downsides to the P183 (other than the larger size, which is a plus in your situation).

I usually use the Solo, but with larger video cards use the P18x. Suspension mounting HDDs is not quite as easy, but not particularly difficult. In every other respect it is a superior case. I especially like the brain-dead-easy air filter cleaning and cable routing.

BTW, if the door is an issue, just remove it...

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Post by SebRad » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:47 pm

Hi, for positive pressure the recently reviewed Silverstone Fortress FT02 might fit the bill. I think it's large and roomy and with 3x 180mm fans blowing in it's definitely got positive pressure :) Comes in black or silver with or with-out window depending on your taste. The downside is it's quite costly, £170~£180) in UK. The Raven II is basically the same functionally but with very different aesthetics (and lower price) which I think are love or hate, personally I'm not keen on it but I would really, really like a FT02. (in silver without window)
[But to much £££ and spent too much time / effort making the (expensive aluminium) case I already have work well]
The FT01 is rather cheaper (£125-£145) and has 180mm intake front and top vs single 120mm out so is also positive pressure, and also SPCR reviewed.
Regards, Seb

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