Now does Antec P183 V3 come with actual USB 3.0 plug?

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Now does Antec P183 V3 come with actual USB 3.0 plug?

Post by lb_felipe » Fri May 04, 2012 4:16 pm

Apparently new revisions of P183 V3 have come with two USB 3.0 plugs but just three USB 3.0 ports instead of four.

Beyond this, the shipped fans apparently have come with motherboard header compatible plug instead of Molex PSU 4-pin cable compatible plug.

Are these statements correct? If so, they’re great changes for us.

Unfortunately the name of that case keeps the same, that’s, it’s very hard to distinguish the new revisions, without a look.

The new ones are being shipped with 3 USB 3.0 ports with internal USB 3.0 connectors. That should be good, but to use all 3, you need two USB 3.0 headers on your motherboard which is very uncommon.
I just received 2 new ones today and the fans now connect to the motherboard instead of a MOLEX connector these cases have always used.

The problem is there are TWO fans, but only ONE sys fan connector on most motherboards and Antec didn't include a splitter. I just ordered two splitters from NewEgg, but am not convinced they shipped today and the free shipping seems to use the USPS so who knows when I'll get them ... much prefer UPS 3 day.
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After much internal discussion, we decided that the P8Z77-V Pro was a better fit for us than the P8Z77-V Deluxe. Like we discussed in the PCI/PCIe portion of the Connectivity section, the times when the limiting PCIe lane control will be an issue is very rare. On the other hand, the single USB 3.0 header on the P8Z77-V Deluxe will be a constant source of problems now that the popular Antec P183 V3 needs two internal USB 3.0 headers for the three USB 3.0 front ports.
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