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Lian Li Q05 vs Akasa Euler (i7 3770T)

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:47 am
by logicallayer

I tried to look for this piece of information online but I couldn't find the answers I'm looking for

I want to build a CPU performance machine that can run for days at torture settings. I also wanna use it as HTPC in my T.V stand space. Looking that has low noise (None better) and compact enough to through it in the T.V stand shelves.

I would like to build the following
Processor: i7 3770T
Motherboard: DQ70kb
RAM: Kingston Hyperx PNP (16GB)
Hard Drive: Hyperx 512GB
Case: Lian Li Q05 or Akasa for suggestions regard other cases.

My concern is the heat. Basically I want the machine to be able to handle torture settings for hours maybe days.

I care more to have the machine to not overheat as in case it would be running aggressively for days otherwise I would have only used a laptop as it has good settings but it heats up scary sometimes.

is Lian Li Q05 has a better thermal management in compromise of size and noise?