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Desktop with [builtin] pc

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:39 am
by Ronald
I'm going going to upgrade my pc-park at home.
I have three pc's. a HTPC (myhtv), a server (mostly as a nas), and my main pc.
This is the plan: a new buiild for my main pc, upgrade the server with the board from my old main pc.
And with the old serverboard going for pfsence/router.

Now what I want is to build a wooden desktop with the pc build in.
I got this idea after seeing the desktop build in DIY Perks,
But I want to make some significant changes.
There wil be channel for all the cooling radiators (CPU+RAM, GPU, ..., all will a have a different loop)
CPU --> threatripper 2950WX --> 1*480 rad, GPU --> Readon Pro WX5100 --> 1*480 rad
Channels for the cables
A compartment for pumps, reservoirs, fillports, ...
A compartment for disks, mixture of SSD, HDD and perhaps NVME(with extention cables ??)
A compartment for all the I/O, USB, audio, displayports, ...
Preliminary layout
The main compartment, for the motherboard wil be in two parts (and as in DIYperks as airtight as possible, no dust build up) , see build.jpg
One side with the motherboard, the other side to extract the heat and send the cooled air back to the bottom front.
Here I would op for 2*480 rad + 1 360 rad. One (360) in the mothterboardcompartment and two (480) in the cooling channel
This should cool the motherboardcompartment enough, right??

Any suggestions, remarks, ...???