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cpu and gpu2 simultaneous

Posted: Wed May 07, 2008 9:26 am
by colm
Anybody not recommend this?

I upgraded cooling for the hd2600pro, and my cpu is xp90 custom ductwork, and lastly, my psu is the friendliest "giant" 300w ever (upon remembering past mishaps, no need to discuss further) :roll:

My name is bgd73 on the spcr team, I couldn't help but notice the active folding seems quite dead. I am the only one with +50 past 24hours...

Anyway, I got the cooler ideas from spcr starting in 2005 (the xp90 has brought my 2.8e into 12300 hours error free)
my vid card is new, agp version, and customed the accelero s1 rev2 to fit snugly, and correctly (also from past need to discuss further) :roll: and also read about that here...

I noticed the cpu folding has slowed by 5 minutes per 10000 units on project 3906, and max temp is 141F with vid card running simultaneopus on the gpu2 client
the vid card is cranking along at 51C full throttle also on its third hour and is at 3400/5000 on project 4707

If this project is dead, could someone tell me? I checked around about folding results the past few years, and haven't seen anything as a result of 1pflop in computing power (world record) resolving problems in relation to disease...
it is actually kinda bizarre to get that much going, and nobody talking results, except for talking results?

anyway, great way to use 601mhz gpu other than idling or at 5% for an os window to open. Altho, the 53cfm zalman is taking on quite a tone at 2909 rpm keeping the biggest 2800mhz on planet earth cool. :)

Not so much dead ...

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 5:05 am
by Dutchmm
I understand the number of people actively folding for spcr is around 140. The statistic is here

The Top Producers statistic on that page shows that there are at least 20 people producing +50 ppd. Most of us with multiple copies of the SMP client, I suspect.

So no, the project is not yet dead, even if we are yet to see any wonder-cure attributed to Pande's group and the folding community.

I can't answer your question, as there is no GPU[2]. client for linux yet.

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 7:48 am
by colm
I did figure it out afterwards...
I have since run the pc at night, and set affinity for cpu and gpu2. From what I have read, the gpu2 has alot of cpu overhead. I let both run to just let both run, not a big performer.

My first go at it was quite powerful, finishing a few units in 7 hours. upon a full cooldown... my main ide drive kicked off,came back on, and I rebooted (reseated old fashioned way I guess...except it did not come back on without shutting down) While booting up , the second ide clicked off, but came back on. Hasn't happened since. Seemed an old school anomoly....
the waha wha bass noise of something in drives misaligned is no longer obvious. I would think the ide drives from WD would just gently click thier mysteries in new setups and keep running (they used to do just that). not for my wd800jb least they do align somehow, (one is brand new, the other its twin, as old as my sytem) just needed a 7 hour blast of fah in my cool setup :D

other than this, running both is no problems, and spcr is quite busy with fah, I misunderstood the several graphs and tables to look over :roll:

if it weren't for the articles at spcr about cooling and tests, I wouldn't have had a system to handle the fah, hence i join this team.

There does seem to be something slowed down, and can't figure out, in that the cpu is stuck at a 50% setting, even after advanced setup retelling it to use 100...and it is getting the same work done. odd.
I also changed my name to Y in advertantly
Y? don't know ...