Need advice on low profile heatsink fan

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Need advice on low profile heatsink fan

Post by Lithotech » Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:41 am

Need advice on low profile heatsink fan.

Really low, like 50mm total hight from base of heatsink to top of fan. Preferably 45mm.

Needs to fit a socket 754.

Needs to be reasonably cheap, it's going on top of a Sempron 2800, so I don't want anything that costs near (or more!) than the cpu itself.

It's going in an old tiny Dell case (Dimension L600r), and the psu sits right over top of the cpu. I'm putting in a 400w Fortron with a 120mm fan, I don't want the cpu fan too close to the psu, total clearance is about 55mm.

I'm having touble locating a suitable solution. I can't find anything in a regular HSF, and sort of forced to look at 1U rackmount coolers, with fans.

Problem is, I can't find any in stock anywhere in Canada.

And while most are organized as socket 754/939/940, they all say they are for Opteron s940 when you hit a link at a retailer. Can anyone describe to me how thse are mounted? It looks like the stock retention module is removed and it screws into the backplate, with some sort of spring load on it (see links below).

I managed to find a pciture which uses one of these (without fan) on an ASRock (actually came from a thread here):


Can anyone verify that most, if not all of these 1U coolers will fit socket 754? Any idea of a good Canadian supplier? Suggested brand/model w/ fan? I like the Dynatron's, but no idea of their prices or supply.

Here's some pics of the case/psu/mobo showing clearance:




I'll have 2 or 3x 40mm silent fans intake up front, the psu is the only exhaust. A weak fan or blower on one of these 1U coolers should keep idle in low 30s, I'll activate CnQ too. But a fanless ones makes me nervous, needing direction correct fins and good airflow to work well.

I think these Dynatrons could take a regular fan in place of the blower, directed up to the psu exhaust, and is low enough to swap in a taller 25mm high fan. ... .asp?id=62

70mm models: ... .asp?id=90 ... .asp?id=27

Or somehow mount a regular fan on the fanless version? Cheaper? Screw right into the fins? ... .asp?id=55

Anyone with experience with these coolers? Pitfalls? Brands to avoid?

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