New build, not sure about memory...

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New build, not sure about memory...

Post by bionicbadger » Fri Feb 02, 2007 12:50 pm

hiho, long time (a few years) lurker.

Going to be ordering parts for a new box soon not sure about memory.
Used for surfing/email/gaming/video editing (in that order)

This is what I have planned so far (pretty standard stuff):

Antec P180 case
Antec Phantom 500 PS
Intel E6600 (supposedly undervolts well)
Scythe Ninja Rev B
Gigabyte DS-3GA-965P-DS3
WD 74GB raptor
WD 500GB 16MB
Whatever passive DX10 graphics card comes out in the future (hopefully one of those 320MB cards coming out in a few weeks), until then a cheap passive DX9 card (one of the 7600GS cards probably)

Looking for some lower voltage DDR2-800 memory to go with this build. Any ideas? (preferably not OCZ, bad experience)

Looking at the G.Skill F2-6400CL4D they are supposed to be in the 1.9V range and supposed to work with the DS3.
Good/Bad? What memory do other people run on their DS3 motherboards?


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