unsure about new CPU cooler (for X2 3800+) + newbie question

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unsure about new CPU cooler (for X2 3800+) + newbie question

Post by mLy! » Sun May 20, 2007 7:17 am

Hi all,
I have been reading these forum for an hour or so but I still have some questions I hope someone can anwser.

This is my PC setup:

Antec SOLO case
AMD 3800+ X2 using boxed cooler
MSI K9 Neo-F
Sapphire ati 1950 pro
LC Power 550 Silent Giant green

As you can see I wanted a quiet PC, but the CPU cooler seems to be making more noise than I hoped/expected.

Ok, my first question: What is the best SILENT and cheap CPU cooler?
I am on a very low budget so I would really want a cheap solution. During the day I can live with the noise the stock cooler makes but during the night it keeps me awake sometimes.

I was thinking about the Artic freezer 64 PRO, but I have some questions about this 'PWM' thing, I don't know anything about it.
What I think it does is automaticaly adjust the fan speed to how warm the cpu is getting? I also read this is a 'special' 4 pin connection.
Does my motherbord have such a connection? ( MSI K9 Neo-F).
Also, will this cooler fit on my motherbord? On the arctic websites it sais that some MSI motherbords have problems with the freezer pro.

My second question is about my HDD cooling, my case has the possibility to put two fans in front of my hdd. I think the size is 92 mm. But I am wondering is this is neccesary? As I only have one HDD I was thinking of putting one fan here? Also should the fan be blowing air towards the HDD or away from the HDD?


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