(Sold) Intel T7100 CPU up for sale

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(Sold) Intel T7100 CPU up for sale

Post by chylld » Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:32 pm

(not sure if this sort of post is allowed, mike delete it if it isn't)

ok so i bought a socket P intel t7100 cpu for my htpc, to my dismay the array of choices for a socket P motherboard was fairly lacking. i ended up buying the wrong motherboard (which has now been returned.)

my htpc has been finished now with a regular c2d processor, but i now have a t7100 lying around, new and unused.

foolishly i put it up for sale on ebay before i realised that there are fellow aussies on this forum that would also be interested! so i'm going to get to the point: it's up for sale here, there's a bit less than 1 hour left, so please make an offer if you feel like it. the box has been opened but the cpu has never been used (let alone been inserted into a socket... because i got the wrong socket motherboard... etc.)

any questions fire away at this thread or ebay message me or email me at jonathan@jw.id.au.

sorry for the rush, this is probably in vain but i'd rather an htpc/silent pc enthusiast take it than someone who probably won't have the right motherboard anyway. (heck they might try to overclock it!!)


edit: sold on ebay :(

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