Wanted: Samsung 2493HM user experiences (or Eizo S2401W)

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Samsung Syncmaster 2493HM, yay or nay?

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Wanted: Samsung 2493HM user experiences (or Eizo S2401W)

Post by Das_Saunamies » Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:13 pm

I'm about to buy the monitor in question once the paycheck lands next month. I'd like to ask anyone who is using one to pipe in with their praise or concerns, especially those regarding any noise! I am aware that it is a TN panel, but reviews have assured me that it's one of the best in quality and enough for my office use, movie nights and gaming needs.

I'd very much appreciate contributions, as I'm about to retire my near-flawless companion of many years, the Viewsonic VP171s, due to inverter noise. I do of course want a bigger display too, but the noise is the most immediate issue. Flicking the main power switch kills it, but after two years of doing so, enough is enough.

My other option is the Eizo FlexScan S2401W, but I'd need a very good reason to pay the extra 150 EUR from my meager budget. 500 EUR was the original limit, and the 2493HM falls just short of that - the Eizo is about 620 EUR and I wasn't impressed with their early models in gaming use.

So please, indulge me. Apparently the monitors in question are so fresh I could find little meaningful info on the forums.

Willy Higinbotham
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Post by Willy Higinbotham » Thu May 01, 2008 12:42 am

I am a die-hard Eizo fan. Impressive picture quality, hands down.

However, recently I came across to the all-new Lenovo L220x. This is the first 22" screen with HD (1920x1200) resolution. And it has a S-PVA panel.

It comes with 4 USB ports, supports HDCP and has a very neat cable management system, can be rotated between portrait and landscape mode.

It can be purchased for below 400 EUR.

Here's a couple of links that you might like to read.


Arstechnica forums

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Post by Das_Saunamies » Thu May 01, 2008 12:54 am

A very nice display Willy, thanks. I'll have to look into this, although the low, low price is making me suspicious. I'll need to see a reliable, professional review before I'm convinced the Lenovo is up to the task for the next five years.

The dilemma of bargains too good to be true!

We use Lenovo monitors at work and they're alright, can still feel the IBM legacy. As products I doubt they have changed. I'm only worried about Lenovo making these on the cheap and something going horribly wrong in the next three years.

I have on my desk a recent monitor comparison. Even reliable brands seem to have made shitty panels that lack severely in the SRGB spectrum (Viewsonic VX2435WM failed to produce some 20%, S-MVA panel). Eizo won quality in both TN and hi-quality panels, surprise surprise, with Samsung a close second in the TN category. The monitors I'm looking at in my previous post were the winners of the TN category, 620 EUR and 550 EUR respectively. 400 EUR just sounds too good to be... good.

Edit: after rummaging around the given links and zooming off for some brunch, I found this site that then led me onto this list. Lenovo using a Samsung panel is definitely a good sign, so maybe their monitor is worth serious consideration after all. (I do share the "high resolution, small size" concern though, I like big fonts and I cannot lie)

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Post by SebRad » Thu May 01, 2008 2:43 am

Hi, I just got (3 days ago) a Samsung SM2693HM (25.5"), I'm not sure how it relates to the SM2493HM but I believe they both use TN panels.
Overall I'd say I'm very happy with it.
The only slight down I have is the colour balance, compared to the 22" CRT it seams a bit "cold" and slightly blue/green. I also borrowed a Dell 1905FP from work to compare to it and that has similar "warm" balance like the CRT. Having said that I've gotten used to it already, despite having a CRT as second screen and it maybe the Samsung colours are right and the other screens are overly red/warm!
The controls aren't great to use, they're touch sensitive spots so there's no tactile feed back and the writing is difficult to see in anything but good light. Once setup I don't really need them anyway.
On the plus side there's loads of brightness available, I've not notice any tearing or smearing or other slow response type problems. I thought the CRTs I had before where good at 1600x1200, usable 24/7 but the clarity and sharpness of the TFT just blows it away. There's no comparison, the Samsung has the same 1200 vertical resolution but more than another inch of height to use it over. At the naive 1920x1200 it's very clear and easy to read.
Not sure how well it works at lower res as my graphics card does the scaling and sends 1920x1200 signal to the screen. It does display the VGA boot screen centred and scaled for height but not stretched out wide so the aspect ratio is maintained.
The stand is good, offering height, tilt and unlimited rotation, also rotates to portrait.
My screen came with power, VGA, DVI and speaker cable. I believe (at least for the 24") there is a version with USB ports.
In summary it's big, bright and clear, did I mention it's quite big!
If you're looking for a 24" also consider the SM245B as it's quite a bit cheaper while still gets good reviews for picture quality. I don't think it has the speakers or the same range of movement in the stand though.

I think all 24" (and bigger) TFTs are likely to be at least pretty good and unless you have lots to compare (or a really good one at work) you're likely to be happy whichever you choose.
Regards, Seb

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Post by Das_Saunamies » Thu May 01, 2008 11:13 am

Thanks for the input Seb. It does say in the review that the very lightest of tones do have very light overtones of blue in the 2493HM, but as you said I'll probably not notice once I have it, as I'll have nothing to compare it to. Have you tried adjusting colour temperature in your 26" one? Usually trying to mess with the RGB balance just ends up wrong - and in the end it's just about what you see as pleasant.

This review I'm referring to (Tietokone, 5/2008) was done with all sorts of measuring instruments, so the colour readings et cetera come from actual measurements. Thus I'm confident about the panel in the 2493HM but would like to see some hard data about the 245B in a similarly thorough review.

Edit: I'll have to see if I can find one live somewhere and verify that there will be no major tracing or afterglow on the panel. 245B apparently has some of that. 22" is out, as the display area is too small, even if the resolution was 1080p compatible (not like I can really run 1080p movies comfortably or play games at such high resolutions though... wonder if I'm just staring at numbers here without thinking).

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Post by lor77 » Tue May 06, 2008 9:38 am

Hello Das_Saunamies
You should also consider DELL ULTRASHARP 2408WFP.
My brother has the previous version the 2407 and its a very nice monitor.
The new one has even better specifications.
If you still thinking about EIZO i would be looking in the 2431 or 2411 panel, the 2401 is more of an office use with a slight increase in price tag of course.

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Post by jmke » Sat Jul 12, 2008 4:56 am

the 2493HM comes with integrated power supply, so no power brick to connect through; While cable management side this is a plus; on the downside I can hear a buzzing noise from the integrated transfo when I'm switching between internet pages, especially all-white pages make a "noise".

I'm sure Mike would disapprove of the monitor for this reason :lol:

if you play a bit of music in the background this issue is none-existent of course.

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Post by andyb » Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:27 am

I have the previous model to that Samsung and it is awsome, flawless, perfect, incredible, brilliant (take your pick of wording). I have spent hours using my friends and my brothers as well, they are.... identical.

If that Samsung is the Direct replacemnet to mine that uses the same panle but newer electronics (to gain the extra supposed contrast) then so long as they havent skimped on the Power circuitry you are onto a winner. Mine BTW is the 245B.


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