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Post by mathias » Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:14 pm

Shamgar wrote:When you compose a lengthy enough reply, copy it to the clipboard or paste it into a .txt file on the desktop. That way, if you ever get logged off, disconnected or have to reboot, you can easily recompose it later.
Or just hit preview repeatedly, I think it might be easier to recover it by hitting back if you do that.

Though it would be a really neat feature if the preview function was replaced or supplemented with a "submit draft" button, which would automatically post the message in 1 or 2 hours or just whenever you get logged off automatically.
mr. poopyhead wrote:it's sad that if you compare the nearly 30 years that CD audio has been around, you'll also note that in that span of time, video has gone through at least 3 major advances in technology and medium. and where has audio gotten? nowhere... CD audio has been the dominant medium for at least 20 years and now is giving way to sub-par mp3 files as the dominant format. a few step backwards?
Hey, there is FLAC. Which, to be fair, at least last time I checked, is way ahead of ogg theora. Not to mention ogg tarkin.:lol:

But look on the other side of this, video has been hit with all sorts of DRM, and has been through a bunch of nasty format wars.
mr. poopyhead wrote:it seems humans are mostly visual creatures, and nobody really gives a hoot about music or audio.
Men are visual creatures.

:!: :idea: You know, that sheds a lot of light on why force feedback failed. And A3D, and nvidia's APU.

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Post by Shamgar » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:59 am


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