Eliminate User and Security Breaches, Hacks Will Be Solved

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Eliminate User and Security Breaches, Hacks Will Be Solved

Post by MikeC » Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:50 am

Eliminate User and Security Breaches, Hacks Will Be Solved -- The latest newsletter from PR agency Marken Communications is well-considered and timely in the wake of the recent hacks that forced Sony to its knees. (Yes, we do look up from our silent computers from time to time. :wink: )
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Re: Eliminate User and Security Breaches, Hacks Will Be Solv

Post by Jay_S » Tue Dec 23, 2014 10:11 am

An article arguing against cloud storage - published and distributed via google docs! :D

Regarding the article: Who is the author? Who is his/her intended audience? Why was it published as a google doc? Why should we consider Marken Communications an authority on this topic?

Ultimately I agree with the author's larger argument (the cloud is risky) and the closing suggestions echo the best practices we read time and time again. But I'm left with a strange vibe. The essay seems so amateurish - the title, the writing style, lack of authorship & professional context, distribution via google docs. While these complaints don't invalidate the arguments, they do undermine the author's credibility.

Since everything most likely has zero days and since neither policy nor user education can fully eliminate self-inflicted breaches, the article's title is an impossibility. I actually think that would have been a better thesis: "In light of this practical impossibility, here's some things you can do to reduce risks to your data ..." That story has been told before, in more accessible contexts, by more authoritative sources.

Re: the Sony attack - based on the few news bits I've read (for example), the hacks had nothing to do with the cloud - Sony's internal systems were targeted. Stolen data was subsequently published in the cloud!
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