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Re: RAID - hard drive

Post by Abula » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:22 pm

Welcome to SPCR.

IBM m1015 was a very common raid card used, you just need to flash it to IT mode so it becomes an HBA and let full control to the OS. You can find them on ebay ranging from $40-60
Dell PERC H310 is another cheap card that you need to flash to IT mode to use it in zfs/raidz, you can get them as cheap as $30-40 on ebay.
LSI 9207 is not so expensive HBA, this one you dont need to flash at all, comes already like that, not as cheap as others but still good. i bought 2 recently around $55 each.

Curious though, what made you post on SPCR about raid cards, specially your first post? this forum isn't oriented for servers, specially zfs/raidz that will trigger multiple hdds at once, probably goes against what we try not to do. you would get better responses on HardForum (fans of ZFS) or FREENAS forums.

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