Any cheap solutions for older graphics card Nvida 6200Pcie

They make noise, too.

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Any cheap solutions for older graphics card Nvida 6200Pcie

Post by comfortablynumb » Sun Jul 15, 2007 10:00 pm

Well after coming to the conclusion my front intake was a huge part of my noise issue, I have discovered another huge nuisance my Nvidia 6200 PCIe. It sounds like it's surging and probably on it's last leg, I pulled it out and cleaned it out throughly no change acoustically.

I really don't have allot of money right now, so I can't just replace the card. I was wondering if there is a cheap solution someone can recommend.

Thanks in advance :D

My System
Atop Xblade Case
Cooler Master True Power 450 (seems pretty quiet)
DFI Lan Party Ultra D
Athlon 64 (socket 939) 3000+ stock hsfu
Aopen Nvidia 6200
Western Digital SE16 SATA II had
Emu0404 soundcard fed to external DAC

On the way: Globalwin 120MM fan

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Post by kernel32 » Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:52 am

you can try Zalman ZM80C-HP or ZM80D-HP. these are somewhat cheap(ish). i use the "C" variant on a radeon 9550. the difference between the two is that the "D" has two heatpipes instead of one. your 6200 is not one of the hottest cards out there so i think it would cool it nicely without a fan. and if it doesn't you can always add a quiet low speed fan. it has a mechanism of attaching one to itself :) bad thing about it - somewhat complicated to attach. another variant is the Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 6. the nice thing about it is that it expells the hot air out of the case and is easy to attach. the bad thing - it's fanned. eventhough, the fan is extremely quiet and has fluid dynamic bearings which means again very quiet operation.
good luck, Vlado

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