Is my new my ATI 2400 DOA

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Is my new my ATI 2400 DOA

Post by comfortablynumb » Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:47 pm

I just got my new GIGABYTE GV-RX24T256H (Radeon 2400xt) it refuses to display in DVI (with a known working monitor), if I just plug the DVI cable in there is no display. If I plug the Analogue cable in I have a display, but it starts getting wavy looking after 20 minutes.

I called GIGABYTE they stated that if I plug just the DVI cable in, I should see the post screen to which I'm not. They stated that the DVI port is faulty.

My main question is should both cables be plugged in to the card or just the DVI? With my old card (Geforce 6200) I plugged in both the DVI and Analogue cable, GIGABYTE informed me this is incorrect and to just plug in the DVI when I get the new card.

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