quietest option for gtx285 or radeon 4890 series

They make noise, too.

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quietest option for gtx285 or radeon 4890 series

Post by iowastate89 » Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:36 pm

Building a new system and trying to minimize some noise obviously.

I've read in a review that the Sapphire 4890 was one of the more quiet options for the 4890 series so I am leaning that way.

Is there any GTX 285 board known to be quiet? I'm not looking to overclock or anything, just looking for best stock performance as quiet as possible

Thanks for any tips

(Also, I would consider adding an aftermarket fan, but have not done that for 5 years or so on a system I built way back then.. Will something like the Arctic Cooler Accelero xtreme work on a 285 and reduce noise? I am leery of 3 fans on there, but it might be an option?)

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Post by darkb » Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:26 am

If you don't mind voiding your warrantee you can stick with the stock cooling system and just change the fan settings in the card's bios.. I had a 275 and after changing the min fan speed from 40% down to 25%, I couldn't hear it at all during idle.

After the mod when stressed with furmark it would slowly ramp up to about 91C and stay there with the fan at 47%, with the card overclocked to 702 core. Idle temp was 56C after a few hours, only running win 7's Aero interface. This is within the design temperature range and was completely stable.

It is worth noting though that I have an Antec 900 Two case, and there was a nexus 120mm fan blowing over the card at 900rpm.

You can also flash the card back to default afterwards if you want to, as I did before selling it last weekend.

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Post by kater » Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:12 am

If Radeon is your fave option, then Sapphire's HD4890 Vapor-X might be a good deal - I hear it's v v quiet & cool, a really good cooler. Several ppl have already commented on the low nosie of the card.

Also, you could look for GTX275/285 or similar card which already has factory fitted AC Extreme on it. AC has some v good fans so even if there are 3 of them they have every chance to be quieter than a single stock blower fan. After all, we're talking here about a really massive thing with 5 HPs so low airflow is all taht's required. Also, I'm pretty sure you can mess with fan setting if need be.
So, you end up with a v quiet cooler, a cool card and warranty.
I don't rightly remember which cards have it but it's only a matter of browsing thru a store's website.

Personally, I'd go for the last option - factory fitted AC card.

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