How to quietly cool my ATI Radeon X800

They make noise, too.

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How to quietly cool my ATI Radeon X800

Post by sluggy » Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:56 pm


Moving my question from another thread to this section:


I'm looking to passively cool my ATI Radeon x800 (or use a very quiet fan). I was thinking of using an Accelero S2, but after seeing it in the store, I realized that it is too big for my case (using an Aspire X-QPack). Is there any DIY solution that I can use for this? Here's a link to a pic of the card:

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Post by PartEleven » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:06 am

You'll be hard pressed to find a good cooler for older cards like the X800. Seriously the Accelero S2 is likely your best choice. It is cheap and has incredible passive performance. Since your PSU is directly above the card, I'm guessing that the S2 is too tall for your case? If that's true then you can just simply bend the end of the heatsink into an "L" shape. There was a thread somewhere here on SPCR where someone folded over the Accelero S1 to get it to fit into an Antec Fusion/NSK2480 case. It's pretty easy and you can do it by hand. Unless, of course, you've packed the rest of your motherboard slots with other add-in cards.

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Post by TheAtomicKid » Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:46 pm


Pictures missing from that thread, here's a reference shot... ... image1.jpg

Pay attention to the wiring on the fan on the zalman unit. It does/did NOT match the wiring on the default fan. You will have to carefully remove the pins from the socket and rearrange them to match the wiring of the default fan so the ground, etc, are in the correct orientation. And unless they've changed the card, you'll have to carefully remove the socket from the card that the fan header plugs into, and then carefully slide the fan header onto the bare pins.

Snug it up, and you'll be good to go. It will fit on firmly, assuming the card hasn't changed from when I assembled mine.

Once you get it assembled, card bios will control fan much like the default configuration.

Just go slow, be extremely careful with the modifications, and do a good job with the thermal paste, etc.

Note that once I did this mod, my x800xl operates in effective silent mode, being inaudible over the system noise. System comprises of a passive cooled athlon 64/3500+, with a ninja cooler, in an antec 300 case, fans on low, with a seasonic 380 psu.

Basically, you can't hear it. If the bios ramps the card up, it becomes somewhat audible over ambient noise.

Oh, and you'll chop 30c off the default temps, easily. With fresh paste, etc, you'll see loaded temps in the 55c neighborhood. Mine was hitting 85c loaded before the mod (which was causing it to artifact/crash, which is why I ended up modding mine)

Apologies, can't send a pic of mine with the mod... no camera.


edit: Here's the cooler. ... 6835118117

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Post by bonestonne » Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:47 pm

Zalman VF700-cu.

I just did a swap on my girlfriend's dad's X800XT Mac Edition because the fan was dying, it was worth every penny. I changed the connection though, so the fan plugged into the card.

completely worth it, and guaranteed to work (I had searched for someone else who had replaced a cooler on their card, and that's what I came up with).

no pics, but since it's working, and he hasn't complained, I know it's the perfect swap

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