Passively cooled HD5770 vs HD7750

They make noise, too.

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Passively cooled HD5770 vs HD7750

Post by WhiteFireDragon » Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:39 am

I'm in a pickle between these two cards. I bought this Gigabyte HD5770 Silent Cell a year ago for $180 and finally will get a chance to use it. Yes I know, that's way overpriced but I was pretty desperate as it was the most powerful card that was passively cooled at the time, and it was being discontinued so I had to buy it quick. I haven't had time to do a silent build until now, but now that I look at all the new parts that just came out, I see there is a Sapphire HD7750 Ultimate for only $125.

The dilemma is that I want to use this passively cooled HD7750, but I feel it's an utter waste to spend that much on the 5770 for nothing. Is the difference in performance and power consumption worth it to shell out another $125? Any other thoughts? One of these two cards will go in a machine with these specs:

- Fractal Design Mini case
- i7 or i5 ivybridge CPU (haven't decided yet)
- Thermalright HR-02 passive
- 3x scythe 800rpm fans
- Samsung 830 SSD
- Asus Maximus V Gene Z77
- Seasonic 650w gold PSU

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Re: Passively cooled HD5770 vs HD7750

Post by kuzzia » Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:10 am

I would definitely not buy the 7750. In terms of performance, it is not better than the old 5770. In some games, the 5770 even has a noticeable advantage. And though the 5770 does consume more power, this does not justify buying a new card. The 5770 is still decent in terms of power consumption (40 nm after all).

So I don't see any reason in replacing a good and functioning GPU.

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Re: Passively cooled HD5770 vs HD7750

Post by CA_Steve » Thu Jun 21, 2012 5:42 am

generic 5770 vs 7750 comparison

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Re: Passively cooled HD5770 vs HD7750

Post by mczak » Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:12 pm

All things told the 7750 and 5770 are pretty similar in performance, trading blows. There will definitely be a load power difference of about 40W or so, but that doesn't imho warrant an upgrade, so if you already got the 5770 I'd just keep that.

That said it seems a bit silly to buy graphic cards in advance, even if the particular model you want gets discontinued, since you KNOW there will be faster models out with the same power draw (or same performance cards with lower power draw), with the same price. Really only makes sense for a very short time (say a month or so). And the HD5770 Silent Cell wasn't even really discontinued, since Gigabyte had the HD6770 Silent Cell as a replacement, which involved little more than replacing the stickers...

Oh and a 650W PSU is way overkill for this quiet build, though going with a lower-rated model might not really be cheaper these days if it has a gold efficiency rating (but should be a bit more efficient if the maximum the pc is going to draw won't exceed around 200W).

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