Recommendations for a 2x Dual Link DVI upgrade from a 4850?

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Recommendations for a 2x Dual Link DVI upgrade from a 4850?

Post by ErnestYee » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:26 pm

I've been running a Gigabyte 4850 Silent Cell to provide output for 2 30" monitors @ (2560x1600) for the past few years and now I'm finding the need to upgrade the graphics card for some occasional gaming but my problem now is that I can't seem to find any cards that have 2 dual link dvi ports anymore. Everything seems to be 1 single link + 1 dual link + displayport or just a series of displayports. What are people using for this kind of configuration?

I've tried searching the forums and putting options through Newegg but I can't find anything that has this type of option.

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Re: Recommendations for a 2x Dual Link DVI upgrade from a 48

Post by mczak » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:28 am

adapters like zoob mentioned are an option if your monitors don't support displayport. AFAIK though the DP->dual-link DVI ones are still expensive (somewhere close to 100USD).
As for cards natively supporting two dual-link dvi ports, AMD dropped support for that after Evergreen. So HD5xxx cards (and HD67x0 which are renamed HD57x0) which have two dvi ports should work fine, the other HD6xxx cards and the newer HD7xxx cards not.
nvidia is slower adapting new display standards it seems, they don't offer much in ways of displayport usually however still support multiple dual-link dvi outputs. So if you want something much faster than a HD4850 (a HD6770 would also be faster but not much of an upgrade, a cheap second hand HD5870 might also fit your needs which is I believe the fastest card AMD made supporting two dual-link ports without adapter) a GTX670 should work fine. Or the older GTX 5xx series (though I typically don't recommend them mostly due to perf/power) should support this as well, there should be plenty cards (gtx560ti for instance) with two dual-link dvi ports.
I guess if you only need one monitor for gaming you could also just use two video cards...

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