Releasing the blower's potential.

They make noise, too.

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Releasing the blower's potential.

Post by BrianF » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:09 am

I've long felt that the blower style GPU cooler is the best since it takes the heat and places it OUTSIDE the case. But blowers are much maligned for their noise.

While doing a build for a customer recently, something finally dawned on me: that exit is tragically flawed. Consider the following I/O plate of a GTX founders edition.


And this is one of the most "open" plates I've ever seen.

The first problem is not even the card's fault: the area in pink marks where the case's framework covers the aperture. I estimate that's about 30% of the available opening in the card's plate! Simple fix: cut that strip out of the case! Whether that affects the strength of the case right there, or to what degree it does, will of course depend on the case quality it the first place. If its a solid design of thick steel I cant see it being an issue.

To carry this thought all the way through, the "struts" marked in green could be cut out easily enough with the Dremel (remove the plate from the card first of course! :).

It is my contention that with these steps taken, the exhaust air will meet with considerably less resistance which means both less turbulence and a lower fan speed for a given workload.

Question is: where can one buy a replacement plate (and whats the official name of the part)? Just in case the card has to be RMA's for other reasons, it would be good not to chop the original. LOL.

Maybe this has been discussed before and I missed it so I apologize if this is old talk.

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