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Build of Rtx 2080ti and 980ti

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:04 am
by ashishmunde
Hello ! Would it be possible to run two different gen cards on the same motherboard without issues ?

More details: I'm a 3d artist and work on video games as a freelancer. I currently have a 980ti and need an upgrade. One of my biggest issues with the 980ti is it's lack of vram (6 gb). The most vram intensive app I use is Substance Painter which uses a ton of video memory in it's texturing pipeline, leading to long load times, tons of lag and generally bad performance. Apart from Substance Painter performance I am satisfied with the gtx980ti. A Quadro P6000 or P5000 is out of the question sincen it's waaaaaay out of my budget.

My complete question is : could I run my main display (qhd) on the 2080ti (or 1080ti if reviews aren't too good) and the rest of the displays on 980ti, while vram is distributed accordingly between the two ? I want to squeeze as much vram out of the 2080ti since vram is precious to me. Oh, and would the pc run ?

Complete specs ( haven't ordered yet, besides the cpu, so feel free to recomment me something if you feel right): I9 7940x, 64 gb ram gskill cl14, 3200mhz, rm1000x psu, asus prime x299, m2 evo work drive, noctua, bunch of hard drives, etc.

Thank you all !

Re: Build of Rtx 2080ti and 980ti

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:43 pm
by CA_Steve
Welcome to SPCR.

Allegorithmic says nope. But, I think they are just speaking to multi-gpu use in their s/w and not multi-gfx cards in the system and only one used for Substance Painter...

If you currently have a motherboard with integrated graphics, and you only want to use the other monitors to display non 3D information (browser windows, Netflix, etc), you could try connecting the secondary displays to the mobo's gfx outputs. See how that works. You might be able to do this as well with two Nvidia cards...this FAQ is useful..set up a profile for your programs and tell them which gpu to use..

Re: Build of Rtx 2080ti and 980ti

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:26 pm
by Abula
You can run dual cards even if they are not the same, but in certain scenarios only, for example i know it works fine on OBS to leave a GPU for gaming and second for encoding NVENC, now weather you can use the outputs... im not sure.... probably, but you might run into issues, i have done it in the past but on SLI of GTX980Ti, but not sure when they are not matched.

I second steves advise, given that you are looking into i9 7940x, i would say wait a month and see what the i9 9900K / Z390 brings to the table, in a lot of scenarios it will work better, 14 cores at 4.3ghz or 8 cores at 5ghz (thats if you can cool them down). I own a delided i9 7940x and its hard to cool off even stock (3.8ghz all cores peged on prime95), most cores stay below 80C but very close a couple passes 80C with one going into 84C. My TR1950x is much easier to cool, same scenario with the fans even lower it manages to stay around 62C (on an open bench, i assume ill be close to the 68C inside the case). With the 9900K you will get iGPU, that you can enable it on the bios with the RTX2080Ti, it should work as pure display (extra monitors).

One thing you should make sure before you commit to the RTX2080Ti is that your programs support it, probably will, but i seen some issues with adobe atm that probably will be fixed soon, but specially someone that lives on this expecting to work right away is worth checking out before changing all stuff.