Test **Ways to Better Cooling**

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Test **Ways to Better Cooling**

Post by doyll » Thu Dec 17, 2015 1:15 pm

I thought this might be of interest to members. If you have questions, pleases post them here on spcr, not on OCN. If it was not such a time consuming job to move them I would post everything here instead of linking to each topic elsewhere. Maybe in time I will get it all moved, but for now at least you can see the index and access them.

Got tired of posting instructions and guides over and over and over, so decided to start a thread for them.

Please do not post unnecessarily as it will make it harder for others to find what they are looking for.

This thread is not for opinions of the data or tutorials.

If you have questions post them here or start a thread to discuss them.

Topic List & Post #:

[INDENT]02: How to monitor air temperature different places inside of case:


04: Controlling case fans with PWM signal from motherboard CPU and / or GPU fan header.
. . . Normal PWM Splitter with PSU Power & Auxiliary RPM Plugs
. . . How to Monitor RPM of Fans on Splitters & Hubs
. . . How to Monitor RPM of Fans on Splitters & Hubs

05: Setting up a case for optimum cooling

06: Cooler Size and Clearance Comparison

07: Cooler Cooling Comparison on 117-345watt CPU size heat source

09: Downflow / Pancake Cooler Fan Orientation for Better Cooling

10: How to Apply Thermal-paste

11: P-Q Curve
. . . How Airflow and Static Pressure Specifications relate to real world use
. . . Actual Airflow Versus Peak CFM & Static Pressure.

13: TIM (Thermal Interface Material), How Good Should We Go?

15: Case Bottom Spacing Effect on Airflow to Bottom Fans
. . . Grill & Filter Effect on Airflow & Noise level

16: PWM control with PSU power to PWM fan and PWM adapter with 12v power from PSU
. . . PWM Header & Plug Pinout

17: How to Make Air Ducts

21: How Intake & Exhaust Fans Close to Each Other Can Cause Airflow Loop

23: 140mm fans with 120mm mounting to 140mm mounting adapter

25: Thermalright Bolt Through Mounting Kits for thick base coolers

27: Noctua NF-A14 & NF-A15 series fans compared to Thermalright TY-140 series fans

29: How to Figure Out What CPU and RAM Clearances Are

31: Thermalright TY-14x fan series
33: Vibration Dampeners & Mounts


36: Squaring TY-14x fans

37: Mounting TY-140 series fans on PH-TC14PE

40:GPU PWM to Normal PWM Splitter with PSU Power & Auxiliary RPM Plug




48; Fractal Design Define R2 (& other Define cases) modified to 140mm fans, bottom & back grills removed [/INDENT]

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