Thermaltake BigWater 780e

The alternative to direct air cooling

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Thermaltake BigWater 780e

Post by halfmanhalfamazing » Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:27 pm

I haven't seen much about this in the wild yet, apparently they're about to hit soon.(being listed on the website) Anybody else seen this and found it to be great or even considering one as soon as they become available? I haven't seen a price estimate about these yet.

Hopefully someone out there(maybe even SPCR! :-) ) will do a review of them once they're out in the wild. If you happen to come across it, post a link here. Please! :-)

The biggest thing I like about this by far is the FlowTX indicator right on the front of it, when the pump should happen to die you'll be able to tell just by seeing the indicator. I also like the internal nature of the device, there's no modifications needed, and there's no radiators/fans or anything hanging on the outside. ... w0169.html


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Post by Blacktales » Thu Jan 24, 2008 6:46 pm

As in most thermaltake products, it seems bling factor comes first, performance second and noise fourth (this is not a typo).

The idea of a self-contained water cooling system might be appealing but a stamped out grill at the front, 2cm away from a fan that rotates at a minimum of 1600rpm and a 500L/hour pump is not a good starting point for a silent system.

Light leak is also going to be a concern if you don't care about doubling the energy consumption of your PC with light and uv lamps.

Notice the usual non-realistic specs of the fan & pump :
1600 - 2400 RPM / 10 - 20 dB
500L/h / 10-16dB
AND the mix-up between specs on different parts of the page :
FEATURES : Ultra-low noise fan: 800 ~ 2500 rpm :-)

Thermaltake reliability as usual :-)

Of course you COULD swap the fan, but as the radiator seems quite small, that would probably result in high temperatures which defeats the point of watercooling.

Watercooling of that kind i think is not worth the trouble and noise.

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Post by halfmanhalfamazing » Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:21 am

Those are all excellent observations on your part. I'm definately a water cooling noob.

This is just the first one I've seen that actually gets my attention.

The lights did kind of bother me, but that was almost at the very bottom of my list.

Perhaps all of this will be ironed out once they hit the wild, or in a second revision. I'm in no hurry ATM.

Or, maybe someone will come along and create a single bay thing like that FlowTX indicator for DIY systems.

*EDIT* Nevermind. That does already exist. That means there are probably others from other manufacturers as well. ... -w0032.asp

I'll have to give this serious consideration and browse the forums for other DIY recommendations, for future reference.

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