Need help assembling a watercooling kit

The alternative to direct air cooling

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Need help assembling a watercooling kit

Post by xhellspawnedx » Sat Jan 10, 2009 9:32 am

As the topic states, im completely green when it comes to assemble watercooling systems, and i need help to find the components i need.

My relevant system specs are as follows:
socket 1366 intel i7 processor
2 x AMD HD 4870 graphics cards in crossfire

So, my budget is about 350-400$, and i need a kit that cools both graphics cards, as they turn searing hot under heavy activity.

I was looking around for different solutions and the Zalman Reserator 2 seemed like a good start (as i'm green and this one is both a reservoir, pump and radiator in one)

Now i'm not looking to overclock, not at the moment anyhow, i just want my computer to be cold, to prolong its lifespan and to make it work more effectively even under heavy load.

Soundlevel isn't my main concern, its temperature.

That about sums up my wishinglist for my watercooling. Now, can anyone help me pick out good components corresponding with the requirements stated above? :)

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