Water block for 4770 - GPU or full cover or any

The alternative to direct air cooling

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Water block for 4770 - GPU or full cover or any

Post by kater » Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:46 am

I'm pondering an LC system for my setup (for whatever reasons :P) and I'm wondering if there is any block that will fit HD4770. Main problem is the card's mounting holes are just 43 mm apart (square distance). I've browsed thru the offer of local LC shops and actually all blocks are at least 50x50, which is no good, even if there could be some custom mounting system.

Here's a link to a guy who actually filed the mounting holes on his card, but as much as I'm into customizing, I'd rather stick with my card's regular holes ;)

Recommend me a block or just drop a hint or ... whatever ;)

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Post by elpibe10 » Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:03 pm

I've been looking for one for my 4770 since May this year and AFAIK there isn't any compatible gfx card waterblock available in the market.

One alternative would be to consider using an universal Northbridge block instead.

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