Difference between Reserator 1 Plus & Reserator 1 V2

The alternative to direct air cooling

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Difference between Reserator 1 Plus & Reserator 1 V2

Post by utiii » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:50 am

Hi, struggling to find the difference between the two units the 1 Plus and V2 outside of colour and bundles accessories.

Anyone know if the mains units differ at all?

Also some places state the reserators come with stock Ehiem 300 and Ehiem 1000 pumps, which is it?

Also what the best submersible pump these units can take?

(I know they are pretty old units and much better options available but am looking to a build with these shortly, just cos I think they are pretty cool)

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Re: Difference between Reserator 1 Plus & Reserator 1 V2

Post by ~El~Jefe~ » Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:28 pm

the reserator 1 and 2 are the same units aside from quick release hoses. This is a really great addition.

it should be noted that the reserator tower was the BEST absolute BEST cooling option ever made. Add poland spring distilled water and Water Wetter. That's it. Nothing else. I poured a bunch of water wetter in, i forget how much of a bottle. It ran perfectly and silently, not even a hum for three years. Cant ever get a hot temp from it, stable as a rock. I had vga + cpu on it. in a loop. it can handle a couple hundred watts fine, probably more. Two of them would be a lot of cooling. And i mean like 250 watts easily, true draw not rated.

I cantbe lieve i cant find my old tower. thats a great unit.

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