best silent case for water cooling??

The alternative to direct air cooling

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best silent case for water cooling??

Post by daroach1414 » Sat Jan 10, 2004 12:55 am bout to build a new system and am
planning to transfer my water cooling to the
new system. I was wondering what the best case
would be to put it in.

My main concern is where i could put my radiator at.
Its a dangerden black ice 120mm rad. Many of the silent cases i
want, have 120mm fan holes but i didnt know if the rad would fit
on the holes as well.

Anyone with esperience on this?

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Post by Gooserider » Sun Jan 11, 2004 4:56 pm

I like server cubes (as the regulars know only to well...) my case of choice is the AMD CK1100B that I got from The front of the CPU side chamber has loads of space that can be cut out of the front and let you mount a large rad. I used a FedCo 2-342 equivalent, with dual 120 x 38 mm fans's pulling through it via a split shroud (one out the bottom of the case, the other into the case as primary air intake)

This is a big heavy case, so you wouldn't want it for a LAN party box, but if you are after a server / workstation grade machine, this will do the job with lots of class.


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Post by Seal » Tue Jan 13, 2004 8:58 am

You wanna get a dremel and an Antec 3700 BQE! :)

I would go for a server cube as they look very nice but as im at uni i have to transport my pc all the time so ive picked the smallest case that'd do the job as nicely as possible. And look good and perform very well.




Watercooling is undoubtedly the king of performance / noise. The 2 120mm fans you see in my setup are on 5v. Not only do i get VERY good temps, but theyre so good, ive decided to overclock my processor too... and its overclocked ALOT as well. Currently its running 40 Deg C FULL load sitting on the floor against the wall which isnt the most ideal place for airflow but you get the idea (watercooling rox - for those of you who didnt get the hint).

Ive done a few mods since ive took those pictures like cutting the fan grills out. Ive got a few mods on my todo list too like re-tube the whole system. And build a special shroud to go on the front bottom of the case. Mount the pump.

To fit the radiator/fan where it is ive had to cut the hard drive cage out which i planned to do before i even ordered the case. I put my hard drives in the 5 1/2" bays, theyre elastically suspended there.

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Post by Bailey » Tue Jan 13, 2004 11:23 am

Its a dangerden black ice 120mm rad.
Yep, the holes (on both sides) fit standard 120mm fan mountings. It'll bolt right up to any case w/ a 120mm fan (providing you have an 1" or so around the mount for the rad pipes).

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Post by miker » Wed Jan 14, 2004 9:17 am

I haven't used the DD but I used the 120mm RAD from my Waterchill, and it mounted just fine ot the 120mm fan hole on the back of my Sonata, which is essentially the same mounting as the 3700.

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