Gaming Build Fortress FT05B

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Re: Gaming Build Fortress FT05B

Post by Nedzzo » Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:42 am

This PC is still running and playing my games .
Now I am going to build a new gaming rig with my 13 year old son for him.
Of course he has picked out this one: ... ming-build

But I am thinking more like this one for pricing: ... ming-build

I like my Fortress FT05 , he thinks it is big but I think it will be hard to do one much smaller for a gaming pc. Also looking for white with a clear side.

Thinking about the Silverstone ALTA F1 , it is actually bigger but different , talleer and slimmer. ... 91&area=en

So I am off to research, CPU's , graphics cards etc but figured should start with the case.

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Re: Gaming Build Fortress FT05B

Post by Japanese Capacitor » Sun Jul 11, 2021 2:31 pm

So not typical for this forum silence-focused build in black case without window :]

Not the fan of starting with the case, but we can. Afaik Alta F1 is China-only product with somehow limited availability in USA and Germany and you can order one only using this link: I'm not really into SilverStone products, so maybe my info isn't current - check it.

Two of linked builds differ much with power and prices, so decide how much you want to spend or tell us your expectations:

What resolution is monitor (or will be if some upgrade is planned)?

By games you mean demanding AAA titles as Cyberpunk; Watch Dogs Legion or Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Or maybe he plays only few non-demanding, mostly online ones in type of League of Legends or Minecraft and don't care about AAA titles?

Will this computer serve anything other than games (and some basic stuff as webbrowsing or MS Office)?

What about looks? From i7/3080 set your son created I see that he wants AiO with RGB pump and black case with RGB fans (you mentioned white one), but maybe there's something more.

Anything else you have to say is worth telling in case of building the best unit for your needs :]

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