A64 MSI Neo2 Platinum, ECC RAM, *AGP*

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A64 MSI Neo2 Platinum, ECC RAM, *AGP*

Post by wisefool » Wed Jun 01, 2005 4:46 pm

I was searching high and low for a motherboard that meets these requirements. Thought i'd share the research in case somebody wanted something similar.

AGP Slot: Already have a 6800GT and don't really want to replace it.
ECC RAM: I have long uptimes, I'd like piece of mind for the small amount of money it costs. Also, if I get BSOD's I can eliminate one source.

-MSI Neo2 Platinum: Nforce 3 250.
-AMD Venice (3000-3800, have not decided)
-Ram: Corsair part number CM72SD512RLP-3200 is a registered 512MB module (ECC). Corsair's page lists this motherboard as compatible.
Note, Kingston also has a motherboard compatability list but I'm using this just because my vendors are carrying (I don't want to run through the trouble of price matching and tracking four different vendors.)


Case: I read the review of the silverstone TJ06 and it looks very interesting.

Heatsink to be replaced with ZM-32BJ. It should fit better with the Artic cooler NV5 I use on my video card. THe ZM-47BJ is reported to only fit with modding.

Processor cooler: Thermalright XP90. The Xp120 is not compatible with the XP90. Note that someone mentions a problem with the XP90 and the Silverstone Tj06 - namely the orientation of airflow will be perpendicular to the heatsink's fins. However this particular motherboard is "TYPE C" that is listed on the silverstone page, so it should work perfectly.

Alternative considerations: Zalman 7700 does NOT FIT and neither does the XP120. The Zalman 7000 should. If I were not to get the Silverstone TJ106 I would probably replace HSF with the zalman.

A couple of case fans:

92mm for the Thermalright, and a 80mm to replace the stock noisy one.

PSU: Seasonic S12-430

Add a dvd-writer, need to see what's quiet, and possibly a USB external floppy so I can move it around different systems for diagnostics (motherboard should support booting from it.)

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Post by sthayashi » Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:24 pm

Umm... You should post a message onto Corsair's support forum for this, but doesn't AMD's CPU dictate whether or not you can use Registered ECC RAM and not the motherboard? IIRC, Athlon 64, et al had it's memory controller onboard.

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Post by sgtpokey » Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:32 pm

nah, the motherboard still controls whether or not you can use ECC ram...

All of Asus' Deluxe versions (i.e. their more expensive line) support ECC, including Socket 754 & 939.

Asus' website confirms this and various memory maker RAM guides also list their ECC modules as certified.

I also am always on the lookout for boards that support ECC so I try to keep up-to-date.

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Post by wisefool » Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:45 pm

Thank you for the replies,

It seems to be correct - AMD lists supported memory models (PDF), and ECC modules are included. If the motherboard also lists compatibility then it seems I am in luck.

The Asus A8V does have AGP and socket 939. However, I've had bad luck with VIA chipsets so I'll pass this time. To be fair it's probably because the motherboards I purchased using the VIA chipsets cut corners.

Wish me luck, and thank you for replying Mr. Pittsburg (not a jive, I enjoy your posts.)

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