P180, A8N-SLI Premium, XP120 (fanless) & Asus fanless 66

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P180, A8N-SLI Premium, XP120 (fanless) & Asus fanless 66

Post by MajereXYU » Sat Jul 30, 2005 3:24 pm


Planning on ordering the following :

Case: Antec P180
PSU: Seasonic S12-380HB 380W
Mobo: Asus A8N-SLI Premium
CPU: AMD Athlon64 3000+ Venice
Heatsink: ThermalRight XP-120
RAM: 1024 OCZ Premier PC3200
HDD: Samsung P80 - 120GB S-ATA
DVD-RW: NEC 3540
Video: Asus EN6600 Silencer 256MB

I plan on using the stock Antec rear fan as exhaust, unplugging the top fan, and unplugging the fan in the PSU chamber.
I want to run the CPU fanless (XP-120) and the motherboard chipset is already passively cooled (A8N-SLI Premium).
The video card is a passive Asus 6600 Vanilla and I will be using a Panaflo L1A in the VGA duct to help cool it down.

The only fans in the system will be : rear Tri-Cool fan (on low), ADDA fan in the S12 and L1A in VGA duct.

Do you think I can expect to run this reliably with acceptable temps or should I use a 5V Nexus on the XP-120 as a safeguard and also to help cooling the northbridge?

I know I kind of answered my own question but I want to be sure I *NEED* a 120mm on the XP-120 because I won't put anything else than a NExus on it (Globe / Yate Loons almost impossible to find in Canada and don't want to deal with customs/ international shipping) and Nexus' are really expensive here in Canada. The 120mm is $22CDN at www.ncix.com = ~$18USD.

If anyone knows where I can get Globe / Yate Loons / Nexus in Canada, please let me know.

Can anyone with a P180/A8N-SLI Premium/S12 380 confirm that the PSU wire will be long enough to reach to their respective ports?

Thanks a lot.

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Post by Teecee » Mon Aug 01, 2005 8:07 am

My seasonic 600w with this case barely makes it to my 24pin on my dfi lanparty. I am looking at replacing the psu or the case.

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