help with my Arm Systems Stealth

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help with my Arm Systems Stealth

Post by BrianS » Mon Aug 08, 2005 6:59 am


Last year I bought an arm systems stealth pc with a 3.4 P4 and have 4 hds installed. The machine is great in every way. Too bad ARM is no more.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Intel System Monitor warning says the processor zone is overheating.

It is usually around 40 C but sometimes goes up to 70 causing the alarm.

What should I do to increase the cooling in the processor zone (ie how to turn up the fan a little without making too much noise)?

Any ideas why it overheats? It does this when the machine is idle not when it is working. I am wondering about some sort of spyware or application... giving the system a workout.

I wish Roy or Steve were around to give advice on this. Thanks in advance for your suggetions.


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Post by bomba » Tue Aug 09, 2005 12:47 pm

Could be dust. If you haven't cracked the case to check for dust build-up, I suggest you try that 1st. I blast the inside of my PC's every other month or so with compressed air to clear away the dust, which seems especially fond of building up on the Zalman 7000 CPU HSF.

As far as what is causing the CPU to overheat when the machine appears to be idle, beats me?! But, assuming a Windows system, you can lauch task manager with a CTRL-ALT-DEL; and monitor active processes and CPU usage. I also find it helpful to Google the names of the running processes that I do not recognize, to make sure they're legit. Doing so, I have found spyware running on my machine that has gotten past all the typical defenses that I deploy.

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