GA-965P-DS3 SATA Controller Question

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GA-965P-DS3 SATA Controller Question

Post by xenithon » Tue Jan 30, 2007 11:41 pm

Hi all. I'm going to build my new system in a couple of weeks, and had in mind to use the Intel ICH8 chipset on the DS3, as it will be non-RAID. I thought the Gigabyte (JMicron) is only for SATA. But, I came across a few interesting things which are swaying me toward using the Gigabyte controller and wanted to check these and ask for advice/suggestions.
1. I only have two SATA drives and will not have more internally. I will have one in an eSATA enclosure (which can connect to either controller).
2. I read some people say that the Gigabyte controller cannot be used for both SATA and IDE (as the JMicron controls both) but then read that this is only true if the SATA is used in RAID mode. In non-RAID I believe mode the SATA and IDE can be use without problems?
3. Probably most importantly - the Gigabyte controller supports AHCI, NCQ etc. and is meant to be quite a bit faster than the ICH8.

I checked comparisons at Techreport showing comparisons between the ICH8 and ICH8R (the Gigabyte is similar to the ICH8R in that supports those speed-enhancing features), especially the HDD related benchmarks, and it looks like the AHCI/NCQ etc. makes quite a difference.

Is there anything wrong/bad about using the Gigabyte controller over the Intel that I may be missing? It looks like it will be quite a bit faster. Also just to double check, there shouldn't any problem or negative affects by having the Gigabyte controller handle both the SATA and IDE (optical) drives is there?

Thanks and Cheers!

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Post by kogi » Wed Jan 31, 2007 12:54 am

I assume the controllers are the same as the ds3p

1. Hotswap actually WORKS on the gigabyte controller.

The Gigabyte controller works ok with my esata and ide. Not sure about the speed difference.


EDIT:I did some tests. The Average read is the same. But the Gigabyte controller consistently comes up with zero cpu usage and an abnormally high burst speed.

Gigabyte Controller
Intel Controller

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