MOBO hot conroe 26C WTheck

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MOBO hot conroe 26C WTheck

Post by el_ » Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:57 pm

problem is the tuner cards...I have three pci tv tuners one hd wonder and two haugepauge 500MCE(these are big and hot) I didn't know that!

currently the two 500MCE below the graphics card(gigabyte 7600gt fanless)
so it is like this in my case

ati hdtv wonder

I have a panaflo M at 6 volts on the end of the hd cage of my p182b

1) should I have a fan behind for push pull confige?
2) should I move the ati hdtv wonder on top or in the middle of the other tuners?
3) should I just take everything apart and add extra chipset coolers to the cards/nb/sb with as5.
4) anybody hear of cooler dual tuner cards?

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