My proposed silent parts upgrade

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My proposed silent parts upgrade

Post by matva » Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:42 am

i bought an opteron 165 for the silent p150 i have in my sig. unfortunately, the cooling rig i have in the p150 just doesn't cut it for the 165, so im going to move to a p180 (for the purpose of future upgrades as well).

heres what i have planned:

Thermalright ultra-120 extreme

4x Yate loon D12SM-12 ($3.15 each) - two for exhaust, 1 for CPU, 1 for upper intake

Corsair HX 520w - will this be sufficient for a future penryn quad core and high end video card rig? or should i go 620?

fanless gigabyte 8500gt

sunbeam rheobus - this was recently mentioned in another thread and was reviewed by spcr awhile back. I see this as an easy way to run the yateloons at 7v when i want to. My question is: will the p180 door close with this installed? I don't think i could bare the lights otherwise:P

another question: does the p180b come with rubber fan screws for mounting or do i need to buy a nexus kit or something.

thanks for any suggestions/thoughts

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