AMD/Intel mATX advice

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AMD/Intel mATX advice

Post by Chimpen » Mon Sep 10, 2007 9:49 am

I have not yet decided on CPU/MB but this is what the rest will look like.

Case: Antec NSK3480 (Will probably use Neo HE 430 that i got with a P150)

Ram: 4*1GB DDR2 6400 800MHz

GPU: nVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 320/640 (haven't decided yet)

CPU AMD: X2 5200+

CPU Intel: E6750 (???)

Apart from this I will use a 2,5" satahdd (7200rpm), soundcard (perhaps a X-Fi) and eventually a wireless nic (when -N is done).

It will be mostly for browsing, but some gaming and video decoding (HD) is the heavy part of it's labor.

I will not overclock and undervolting is not necessary. I will not upgrade this setup, so I don't care for DDR3 support etc.

So to the questions...

1) Any reason to go for more than 800MHz ram?

2) For a Intel platform I've spotted the G965 and G33 as potential chipsets. As far as I can see nothing really differs for me. Anyone disagree?

3) What chipset should I go for if I decide on a AMD setup?

4) The big question, AMD or Intel? Will probably cool it passively with a Ninja or something.

5) Any particular MB advice? From earlier experiences I like Asus and partly dislike Gigabyte.
At least 3 sata ports and GB nic is required.

I'm planning on using stock cooling on gpu for starters, 120mm exhaust fan and PSU fan.

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Post by aburgard » Mon Sep 10, 2007 11:28 am


This is a killer mobo for $80. Hard|OCP did a review the other week and had some awesome luck with it. I have the ATX version out for delivery from FedEx right now.

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