New Budget System

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New Budget System

Post by ceraf » Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:39 pm

After helping my friend build his system (his Core 2 Duo E6500 system in his Antec P150 case is quite silent), i was hoping to achieve around the same level of noise with a less expensive build:

Athlon X2 4000 <- how's the stock fan's noise?
Asus M2A-VM <- under/over clocking/volting capabilities?

Also, any case suggestions? The P150/Solo/Sonata Designer series are all too expensive at the moment. I've been looking at the NSK 3300, 3480, 4480, and some others that are <$100.

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Post by bp » Tue Dec 04, 2007 4:27 am


I own a antec NSK 4480... with an Intel E6550 and a passive VGA.

From my own experience, the loudest of all the 3 fans (cpu intel stock / case 12 cm / PSU 80mm) is the one from the PSU. But to be fair, my computer is really quiet, even if it could always be better. Some people say (see that the PSU in not de quietest in the world, but it is very good.

Also, the antec case has vibration pads for your hard disk, which is nice. I also have low temperature, thanks to the large 12cm fan delivered with the case. So the intel box cooler runs nearly always at idle, between 800 and 880 rpm (even with some overclocking).

I was also on a lower budget... so you are in the same situation.

In a few days, I will see a wonderfully quiet computer (a friend who really had a large budget). So I will compare to mine in the next days...

best regards,

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