DFI board troubles...

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DFI board troubles...

Post by shathal » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:51 pm

Hullo there lads & ladies - it's been a year, time for me to post again :).

I've had a PC built for me about a year ago by a fellow SPCR'er and in general it (was) quite fine - being nice and quiet.

Until a few days ago, where the whole thing went just dead - no beeps, no POST, no video - niente, nada - not a sausage.

I didn't particularly care at the time (shooting of for a longer weekend away), so just powered it off, hoping it'd fix itself by the time I had gotten back.

It hasn't.

I'm now staring in the face of a DFI P35 Blood Iron (which ought to be the P35-T2RL I blieve) motherboard which is refusing to do anything other than give power to CPU, Video and HD's.

I've tried yanking out the memory, in the hopes of teasing a beep code out of the mobo at least, but no such luck. Even with the memory out, no beeps.

I've tried trawling through ... their forums / www-site, trying to find technical information (key word being "trying") on how to debug that mobo, and there seems to be nothing on it (I'm not sure that thing even HAS beep codes, so I'm at a bit of a loss).

Anyone here who has lots of DFI mobo experience and can give me a few pointers? Or respectively, confirmation that I should be looking at RMA'ing the thing (what a lovely yule-time present this would be...)?

Any advice is appreciated :).


Notes on the system:

- 0 Overclock and such, just raw stock stuff, and has run happily so for a year.

Mobo: DFI P35 Blood-Iron
CPU: Something Intel dual Core (can't remember what frequency it is), with an Xigmatek HDT S-1283 heatsink on it (fan runs fine).
PSU: Corsair HX620W (which seems to be fine - at least all the power-LED's are on and the fans start spinning when I turn it on).

GFX: ATI HD 4870 with an Accelero S1 on top.


- Shathal

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