Silent Video Editing / Workstation PC Build (Late 2018)

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Derek Semeraro
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Silent Video Editing / Workstation PC Build (Late 2018)

Post by Derek Semeraro » Thu Oct 25, 2018 7:11 am

A recommendation list of parts for those who are looking to build a silent PC for video editing programs like Adobe Premiere, or for workstation programs. Ryzen offers 8 cores and the most overall bang for buck, and with it, ideally get "b-die" RAM that's optimized for AMD's CPU's (i.e. Ripjaws V, Trident Z and Flare X). 32 GB RAM might be needed depending on the program, but 16 GB is plenty for many use cases. Regarding the video card, it depends on the application. In general, 4+ GB VRAM is recommended. For Adobe Premiere, the CPU and RAM are far more important than the GPU, but programs like Da Vinci Resolve for example, will benefit from a stronger GPU. PWM fans are recommended; Noctua is a solid brand. If price is a factor, Be Quiet Pure Wings 2 is an option, though get the PWM version of it if you can. Depending on budget, a liquid cooler or a higher end cooler like the Noctua D15 or Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 can be beneficial. Two SSD's are in this build list for simultaneous use, but if that's not necessary, one is fine. The hard drive in this list was chosen for its low noise and high capacity, though a 7200 RPM hard drive is recommended if disk speed is preferred.
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Re: Silent Video Editing / Workstation PC Build (Late 2018)

Post by Alex11223 » Thu Oct 25, 2018 10:41 am

afaik for Premiere RTX are better than 1xxx GPUs, but 2070 is almost the same as 2080 Ti.

So 2070 (or 2060 when it's released) may be a better choice if the budget is not too limited.

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