Quietest case in 2018 for $150 or less?

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Quietest case in 2018 for $150 or less?

Post by thesmileyone » Sat Nov 03, 2018 5:38 am

Got a spare £100/$150 to spend and I want a new case. My case is great because it is full of holes (carbide 400r) so I get to run my system passive - only the psu and the 1060 6gb have fans, and they only come on when gaming - the psu never comes on except in POST). I run a 2500k not overclocked, under a huge noctua D14 with the fans taken off. Ideally I would find some PWM fans that only run under load like the GFX card and then use Speedstep so I can overclock but it seems this is impossible? I did notice ASUS ROG cards have pwm outputs - so if you connect cpu fan to that the fan only comes on when the gpu fans come on which is neat but they cost 1/4 more than every other card so I bought an msi gaming X instead.

This is all good but because of the holes it is not silent ha ha. My SSD's have capacitor squeal and my gfx card does too. (I checked them out separately, all within normal tolerances, the SSD is a very old sammy pro).

I am thinking of upgrading to a 3770k (delidded) and putting everything in a Fractal R5 but I am wondering...is this case going to have enough ventilation running with no fans?

Alternatively I can run fans but in my experience even one quiet exhaust fan is too loud...but this could be due to turbulence or the holes in my current case.

I think the best solution is if you have a parallel room you don't use just run cables through the wall and put the PC in another room but I don't have that setup here.

Sooooo Fractal R5 still king of quiet?

I don't want a huge tower any more, mid tower, don't want or require a window. I thought fractal nano S might be good, it's a smaller R5 without drive bays which I don't require.


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Re: Quietest case in 2018 for $150 or less?

Post by Alex11223 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:36 am

R5? The latest model in this line is R6.
Also they recently released very similar S2.

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Re: Quietest case in 2018 for $150 or less?

Post by Hrafn » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:28 pm

There's also Fractal's Define C and Define Mini C, if you want something a bit bigger than the Nano S, but still smaller than the R5/R6.

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