RULES about Product User Feedback Polls

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RULES about Product User Feedback Polls

Post by MikeC » Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:37 am


Such polls are intended to gather hands-on user feedback to help gain insights into areas that no single product review can hope to achieve, no matter how thorough and complete: Long-term Reliability and Sample Variance. These polls have the potential to become extremely useful for all SPCR visitors... but there is a hitch.

There is only one way such polls will work:
1) Only hands-on users of the product may participate and comment, and
2) they must be totally honest.
3) Posts must be civil, even if you feel frustration; this is NOT a place for brand-bashing.

Otherwise, such polls become useless, skewed and just another source of untrustworthy information. Naturally, the more user feedback there is for a given product -- good or bad -- the more useful and complete the poll becomes. In other words, these poll threads can only be as good as YOU make them.

Anyone found to be breaking rules 1 and 2 above will be immediately banned from SPCR, without exceptions. We will remove uncivil posts w/a private warning.
Mike Chin, SPCR Editor/Publisher
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