Lenovo A52

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Lenovo A52

Post by ladams » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:20 am

I recently bought a Lenovo A52 tower, P4 3.2 ghz, which still carried the IBM nameplate. When I first started the machine, I noticed that the harddrive reads were so noisy that the drive sounded like it was chattering. I opened the machine up and found that they had the Hitachi Deskpro hard drive wrapped with some plastic banding and this assembly slid into the drive cage. There was play between the cage and banded HDD.

After seeing the HDD suspension in an Antec P150, I suspended the HD with some bungy cords and restarted the unit. The HDD noise went away.

The interest in the P150 lead me to this website a couple of days ago. After seeing what a low-noice case should look like and seeing that the A52 case is about the opposite in most categories, I'm sending the A52 back and starting over on getting a low-noise machine. It was really dispointing to see that a machine from such a major brand was so poorly built from a low-noise standpoint.

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