HP DV5T (9600GT) + Zalman NC-1000 = Great combination!

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HP DV5T (9600GT) + Zalman NC-1000 = Great combination!

Post by davidstone28 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:02 pm

I've got a DV5T with Core2Duo P8400 (2.26ghz) and Geforce 9600GT, which is a fairly powerful combination for a laptop and I've even managed to get the laptop to run without its fan!

In the factory default state, the BIOS has the setting, 'Fan Always On'. Disabling this option results in the fan turning on only above 50C. Below that the fan is completely off. Pretty amazing that the machine is able to run passively.

When the fan does ramp, it ramps suddenly to quite a high level before dropping down again. Its not a gradual ramping. Mildly annoying.

Anyways, I installed CPU RightMark to adjust the CPU voltages and using RiverTuner to underclock the GPU when in 2D mode.

Then I bought a NC-1000 laptop cooler (put it on the lowest fan setting) and the laptop fan NEVER TURNS ON whilst in normal desktop / office applications mode.

Brilliant result!

CPU temps are 48C and GPU is 60C, all running passively!

If I did have a slightly criticism the fan in the Zalman has a slight high pitch to it which by SPCR is not quite perfection and nowhere near as soothing as the best 80mm Panaflos. I understand the NC-2000 is slightly quieter so I might try that as well, but overall I'm really pleased.

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