Asus Hybrid or [Microsoft] Surface?

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Asus Hybrid or [Microsoft] Surface?

Post by KaylorT » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:06 am


I want to replace my current laptop MSI GE60 for an hybrid computer.
I work a lot with the computer but it's mainly simple tasks like Excel, Word, Web Browsing, etc.
So far, i’ve searched in a website which gathers some offers together. I’ll leave the link for the ones I think will do well, below.
The reason why i'm here asking for your help is because I don't know the built in hardware which is in this machines. I think that all of them will preform well with my tasks but I don't want it to be slow, because time is money ;)
I don't want to spend more than 800€ with keyboard included!
I’m living in Portugal right now so, I would like to buy it from a Portuguese retailer so that i can claim warranty if anything goes wrong.
I'm open to nice suggestions!

My search so far: ... Minimo=250

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Re: Asus Hybrid or Microsof Surface?

Post by CA_Steve » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:29 pm

Welcome to SPCR.

Notebookcheck is a great resource for laptop reviews as they also test for noise and temps as well as the typical review points.

It doesn't take much in the way of CPU/GPU power to run your apps. Go for an SSD rather than an HDD for speedy boot/response.

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Re: Asus Hybrid or Microsof Surface?

Post by Abula » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:09 pm

Hard to say what to recommend in your situation there is a lot more things that come into account that will influence the recomendation like do you need it to be portable like a small 13 is better for you or you like the screen size and willing to get a 17, and like this are a tons of detial that will influence what will better for you.

My recomendation is
1) Go NotebookReview Forums and register
2) Go to What Notebook Should I Buy?,
3) Inside you will find ### What Should I Buy FORM (Must Read Before Posting!) ###
4) Post your thread once you fill up the question that fit what you are looking.

The people there will give you better advice than what i can specially considering they are up to date into what each brand is offering.

Good Luck,

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Re: Asus Hybrid or Microsof Surface?

Post by KaylorT » Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:42 am

Hi Abula and CA_Steve!

Thank you both for your quick replys!
I'm gonna get into it!
Keep up the good work!

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