New HDPlex H1.S Build & Review

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New HDPlex H1.S Build & Review

Post by GregHTPC » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:43 pm

Built my first HTPC recently and I thought I'd share :)

This case is awesome! that's all I can say everything fit perfectly! I'm not much of a photographer but here some pics of the parts and final product.. The system temps are great, my
cpu is never over 35c and my hd is never over 50c ( this is a little higher than I'd like but below the specs so it should be ok :) )

Some great components! Kaby Lake Processor, 2400 DDR4 Ram, Samsung EVO and an Asrock board. The mother board is so cool, dual Ethernet ports and it has power on via USB!!!

Almost done assembling everything is fitting nicely! No issues at all!

All together and it booted no problem! Windows 10 and Kodi installed. Here's a pic before the lid goes on. I could use a lot less power wires but everything fits.
Only thing I'd like to change is to put all the heat pipes on the opposite side of my m.2 but it hasn't been an issue yet so I'm not stressing over it :)


With lid on it's a nice clean completely silent HTPC Media Server

Finish product I LOVE IT.. it's so fast kodi is up before my activity from harmony remote is done!! That's crazy!
Can you find the HDPlex H1.s :)

I enjoyed building this computer so much! Always wanted to do a fanless silent pc! If my dreams of Surface Pro 5 as a work machine don't come true. I might just build another to work on :)

Only to things I'd like to see is a small led to indicate it's actually on or off and an small little IR window, right now I'm using a FLIRC but because it's power on VIA USB it turns on with every action
because Flirc receives a signal with every press of my harmony remote.

HDPlex's service is second to none! Answered my questions on the weekend while I was building the box via email..I could not believe it!

Thank you Larry, I am completely satisfied with the case!

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Re: New HDPlex H1.S Build & Review

Post by Vicotnik » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:41 pm

Very nice! :) It's a great case.
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Re: New HDPlex H1.S Build & Review

Post by CA_Steve » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:43 pm

Welcome to SPCR and congrats on your build.

Definately a great case for an integrated gpu media center build.

Samsung went with a thin copper foil tape over the top of the newer M.2 SSDs. If you had some airflow, you wouldn't see 50C :) While 50C is fine, if you find it annoying, you could try gluing a little more copper on top of the foil to add a little more thermal mass. All you really need to cover is the controller chip.
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