Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler

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Derek Semeraro
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Scythe Mugen 5 CPU Cooler

Post by Derek Semeraro » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:37 am

I bought this product because of SPCR's endorsement and stellar reviews on Amazon.

The box looks premium, which is good for collectors. Included are brackets (for both Intel and AMD platforms), all necessary screws, a full-sized magnetic screwdriver, an instruction manual, and a small tube of thermal paste. The magnetic screwdriver is excellent, and a worthy addition to any toolbox.

Installing the brackets on my AM4 (Ryzen) motherboard was very easy with no problems at all. The heatsink mounted on the brackets with ease. The screw placements are asymmetrical to allow for no obstruction of RAM slots, although this does not hinder the functionality or aesthetic in any way. The heatsink is bit heavy, weighing a 2 pounds, but the mounting is very firm and secure. This is not for small form factor builds; it is a tall heatsink; it will fit in ATX and Micro ATX cases, but not necessarily in Mini ITX cases.

The mounting of the fan on the heatsink is my main criticism. The cheaply made instruction manual is not clear on how to install them (and I needed to watch Youtube video guides). To clarify, the fan is installed so that the front logo is visible to the viewer and away from the heatsink (it runs in reverse so that it can be an exhaust fan without having to be installed in reverse. The clips are thin and small, they mildly damage the heatsink fins and snap off too easily if the fan itself is accidentally touched while doing internal cable management. The clamps hold the fan on tight enough to ensure it won't fall off, but not firmly into place.

The fan itself has thin angled blades and is encased in rubber material to prevent vibration. The fan runs very quietly and it generates a lot of airflow for a 120mm fan. My original stock CPU Cooler was the loudest part of my build and now it is one of the quietest; this change has measurably reduced the noise of my build. I cannot give an accurate decibel measurement because I don't have professional equipment. In my own experience, it is silent at low RPM setting, extremely quiet at a mid RPM setting and slightly audible at high RPM setting.

At $45-50, the pricing is fair considering the overall build quality, functionality and the pleasant aesthetic of the heatsink and fan. It rests directly between quality budget coolers and premium coolers and it oiffers the quality performance one would expect.

Who should buy this? Consumers who want a high performance computer which runs silently or consumers who want a very high performance computer which runs quietly. If you're not overclocking or at least running intense professional applications on your computer, you probably don't need to spend money on a large heatsink like the Mugen 5's. Otherwise, it is a strong recommendation for anyone with demanding needs who wants to reduce noise.

Rating: 8.5/10

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