Abit uGuru versus Motherboard Monitor Temps

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Abit uGuru versus Motherboard Monitor Temps

Post by dfrost » Mon Apr 25, 2005 12:44 pm

I'm trying Motherboard Monitor (MBM) instead of Abit's uGuru, and noticed that MBM reports noticeably different temperatures for "Case" compared to uGuru's "System." As an example, MBM typically shows 34-37C when uGuru shows a steady 28C. Also, the MBM Case temperature changes with load much more then System temp in uGuru. I had thought that they use the same sensor on the motherboard. Fan speeds, voltages, and CPU and PWM temps track pretty closely between the two apps. Yes, I know they should not be used simultaneously.

Anybody have similar experience? Ideas why they'd be different?

So far I prefer MBM:
- Suspect that the data is more accurate
- Allows temp offsets to correct Abit's high CPU readings
- Shows temps or other data in the Quick Launch Toolbar (if desired)
- More control over what is displayed when/where/how
- Easier to change limits
- Less space required on the desktop for full readings ("dashboard" on MBM5)
- Incorporates HDD temps
- Incorporates CPU clock speed and usage
- FanEQ still works using the BIOS-loaded values.

MBM may be the only independent sensor app that works with uGuru data, but unfortunately is no longer supported by the author.
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Post by burcakb » Tue Apr 26, 2005 12:04 am

uGuru & MBM report the same temps in my KV8Pro board. I'm guessing the MBM uGuru support is a cover-all-versions support and therefore may be reading a different sensor than the correct one.

I also use MBM. The uGuru software is large, obtrusive and one serious CPU-cycle hog.
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