Cluster/Renderfarm node - 740G + Phenom 9150e

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Cluster/Renderfarm node - 740G + Phenom 9150e

Post by prodeous » Sat Oct 04, 2008 10:38 am

I tried to figure out where to post this, but his section seems as the most appropriate.

Thanks to this site I have noise obsession... so "Thanks" :P

I do lots of 3d so i need more cpus, and well I a computer geek so.. so i finally started my project. Nearly silent Cluster.

Main goal is to fit 4 to 5 systems in one case. All powered from one PSU :)

Main PSU is Seasonic 550 Energy+.

Main node:
DFI Lanparty JR
Phenom X4 9500 will underclock (cpu to be replaced later once 45nm are out)
2x2GB DDR 800 - 1.8v or lower (if possible) (not decided on manufacturer yet
Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme
ATI Radeon 4670
Gigabyte I-Ram - hosts main OS and cluster node OS
120GB 2.5" WD Scorpio

Render/Cluster nodes:
Gigabyte 740G
Phenom X4 9150e
1x 2GB stick - Kingmax
OS booted from net of main node
Everything else off

So how am I going to power this all.

Main system is directly connected to the PSU. Estimate power draw of 230W max... don't have a power meter. But its an educated guess.

The nodes will all be pluged into 12V via Pico PSU (120W). Each node (based on estimate should not go beyond 80W)

Currently testing 1 node by pluging PICO PSU to a spare PSU, and an multimeter in between.

Using MemTest86 to stress the system, so overall numbers are not final.

DDR2 configuration
Watts calculated on assumed 12V (I only have one multimeter :P)

2x - 6.56 A (6.57 A) 78.72 W (78.72 W)
1x - 5.88 A (5.89 A) 70.56 W (70.68 W)

1x - 5.76 A (5.82 A) 69.12 W (69.84 W)

One thing that surprised me is 8W for 1 DIMM.

Is there any good "DOS" applications to stress the CPU?.

Why DOS? My pendrive has DOS only, it was more of a rescue/flashing BIOS pendrive.

The acutal nodes will run Linux In the future via network from the main node and run Folding and rendering.

Maybe in the future migrate to actual Cluster software. Time will Tell

Will keep you updated.
Prime1 = Phenom II x4 810 (120 U Ext) : 2x2gb KingMax : AM2 760G Asus) : ATI 4670 : Gigabyte I-RAM 4GB : WD 1TB
Node1 = Phenom x4 9150e (stock) : 2gb KingMax : ASUS M2A-MX : to net boot from P-Node
Soon Node2 and Node3 similar to Node1

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